Schwartz's Crossfit Melbourne was established in July 2000 as Schwartz’s Personal Training Studio. It became a licensed affiliate of after the owner Ben Schwartz, travelled to the United States to take part in a Crossfit seminar in May 2006.


Why we are different?

At Schwartz’s Crossfit Melbourne we really do take training personally. We don’t make promises to deliver results that we can't keep. What we do promise is hard work and dedicated trainers who are there to help you in every way possible to achieve your fitness and functional body goals. We also provide a unique approach to training which nobody else offers in Melbourne.                                                                                                             

We are different because we provide:                                   


  1. A training environment where people encourage and inspireeach other no matter their level of experience.

  2. Trainers who will commit to you and will match your endeavour and commitment.

  3. A training ethos which emphasises the importance of working on your weaknesses as well as your strengths thereby forging a fitness which is functional.

  4. Trainers who strive for knowledge and experience and who train hard themselves so you can be sure that


                         If they get you to do it, it works!                  


    Why we will deliver the benefits to you?

    We are not only dedicated to improving your fitness and helping you reach your ideal body weight, but we are also driven to improve your strength, power, balance, timing, body awareness and flexibility.    

    Jaime Goodwin and Denae Brown (Image by Matthew Townsend - 2015)

    Jaime Goodwin and Denae Brown (Image by Matthew Townsend - 2015)


    All of these things are important and achievable for your every day living regardless of the sport you play, the work you do, your age or gender. These results will happen with both yours and ours dedication and hard work.


    What sort of exercises will you be doing?


    One thing is certain - We never hear our clients say that they are bored of the same old thing. The routines and exercises are always varied and the results are dramatic.                                            

    We require you to learn by using your mind as well as your body to get fit with ever changing workouts that incorporate body weight exercises, weightlifting movements and a variety of high intensity workouts that combine cardio and strength challenges. These workouts are tailored to the individual and in accordance with your age and fitness level.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The fun thing about working out at Schwartz's Crossfit Melbourne is that we use resources that commercial gyms and other personal training studios don't have. This includes gymnastic equipment such as the rings, paralettes and for weight training movements we use bumper plates, medicine balls, and kettle balls. We don't rely on boring machines or the typical repetitive bodybuilding movements.